Our Signature

Apple INC

Designed by Apple in California

This new Apple ad keeps echoing on my mind, just like that famous Think Different, when they made us remind that people who do not follow the rules are the ones who are changing the world; think about the ones who play with our products/services, not to forget that each detail can create a different experience, and the attention to those details is what sets us apart.

This is it.
This is what matters.
The experience of a product.
How it will make someone feel.
Will it make life better?
Does it deserve to exist?
We spend a lot of time on a few great things, until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches.
You may rarely look at it, but you’ll always feel it.
This is our signature, and it means everything.

I felt deeply touched, because I have lived the joy of enjoying many grateful users emails, in which they told me how our Graphic Calculator app has helped them in their day to day. From the guy who left his calculator at home the day of the final exam and downloaded our app and then emailed us with: “I would never use my scientific calculator again” to the teacher who was able to create new experiences in the classroom thanks to some of our features. That’s why we do things.

Don’t just think about new features to include, or which of them to monetize, or what of them are already on the competition. In fact it is not enough, is just not important. Just looking in your competitors’ mirror is limited, you have to learn that they can be solving other problems because they are driving the user in a direction different to our understanding.

Many times the metrics that we have are the number of downloads, or sales revenue, but have we stopped knowing the user? Do we know which type are they? What are they paying for? What features they use? What are the features they don’t use?

Some of the Think Different Printed Ads collected by Creativecriminals.com

And now Our Signature is the beginning of a new chapter, a reminder of why we make what we make, and as a developer, their message make me feel so connected with them.